The best places to meet single people can be wherever you are when you’re doing something you really like and enjoy. Meeting people at places that you are not only comfortable in, but where you are at your best self doing what you find is important to you, will put you around other people that might share similar interests to your own, and we know that one of the biggest predictors of attraction is similarity. You’ll also be in a better frame of mind, whether it’s learning, helping others, getting in shape, that you might be if you were just there to try to meet someone new.

If your faith is important to you then maybe you can meet someone at church, or a religious singles event. If physical fitness is more your thing you can try a new gym to find other fitness minded people. Does food interest you, consider taking a culinary class. You can also look into volunteering for a cause that is important to you, where you will undoubtedly meet many like minded people. You can view online lists of volunteering opportunities at sites like

If your schedule is too busy or live somewhere where it’s hard to meet single people, you can join an online dating community like, or free sites like or the new Other types of online dation sites like, claim to use a proprietary algorthim that matches your personality type to potentially more compatible dates.

But remember, when looking for a relationship online, it is important to stress your interests in your bio. Let others know your interests and what is important to you, meeting someone else who shares your same/similar interests is the best way to help establish a long term, healthy relationship.

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